Heather Cornelius playing harp


Teachers not only prepare and inspire students to share the tradition of music with their own generation, but they also serve as mentors that shape students’ work ethics, self-esteem, and life trajectory. I want my students to achieve beauty in their music, and to find satisfaction as their efforts bring personal growth and confidence. My harp teachers have been an incredibly positive influence in my life, and I want to be that influence for someone else.

I am a trained Suzuki harp teacher for Books 1 through 4. The Suzuki Method emphasizes that everyone can develop their musical ability. As a Suzuki teacher, I work together with students and parents to foster a creative learning environment. Parents participate in lessons so they can help their children continue learning at home. Students begin by listening and playing by ear, before learning to read music. This enables them to watch their hands and get comfortable with the strings on the harp.

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